By: Christie Smith

Public relations is a career unlike any other – it requires constant communication with clients and the media, creativity, a knack for writing and a lot of patience. These are 10 signs that you definitely work in PR.

1. When you’re on vacation, you aren’t really on vacation. You’re constantly checking your phone for emails or going through messages left on your voicemail



2. You have a plethora of lists of great ideas for a new campaign in the notes on your phone, because you wake up and write them down in the middle of the night.



3. COFFEE. It’s how you start each day, and survive it.



4. Your “other half” is your smartphone.



5. Wording can be tricky, but you always have a million ways to describe how incredible your clients are.



6. You never stop receiving emails, phone calls and text messages. Someone is constantly asking you about something.



7. Your clients always want immediate answers, but you’re always already doing a million different things.



8. You are a master at problem solving.



9. You can’t survive a day without a to-do list or six of them.



10. You are a stickler for proper grammar.



PR is a demanding job sometimes, but we love what we do and wouldn’t want any other career.