Meet Our Graphic Design Intern:

  • Name: Nichole Peterson
  • Major: Graphic Design
  • School: University of Arizona
  • Hobbies: Dance and art

Who Is She?:

    • How do you get “creative”?

I find inspiration from looking at pinterest and other websites that have other people’s design work, which helps me get “creative” by seeing what other people are doing.

    • What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity to me means that you can take an idea and turn it into something visually appealing.

    • What song have you listened to most this week?

The song I have listened to mostly this week is One Dance by Drake.

    • Who is your artistic role model?

My artistic role model is my mom because she is also a graphic designer and is the person that first got me into graphic design and art.

A Day In The Life:

A day in the life of a Graphic Design intern usually begins with updating the images used for the SLE and SLE Music Facebook cover photos. These are updated weekly so we have to change out the event images each week. Once I finish those I see what Rachel, our lead graphic designer, needs me to do. She then sends design requests to me for me to work on. These can include flyers for Maya, Google Ad images for upcoming events, new promotions for the SLE DJ Company, and more. I work with mostly Photoshop to create these images. Once I have finished the design request, the images are sent off for approval.