At Steve LeVine Entertainment & Public Relations (SLE), all of our interns play a vital role in the success of our company and a day in SLE’s marketing department is unlike any other. As the marketing intern, Olivia helps with SLE’s branding and brainstorms innovative ideas on how to get our clients’ message out to a broader audience. She’s constantly doing research, working on blog posts or working on promotion ideas for events and so much more. As a marketing intern, you have to be up to date on the latest trends in order to keep SLE’s brand fresh and innovative. Olivia likes to check out what’s happening on Mashable to make sure that she’s always in the know on pop culture and current events. She also thinks that social media is a game changer in the marketing world, because the platforms allow you to reach so many different kinds of markets.

At SLE, we all have very diverse backgrounds and Olivia believes that having a strong music background has helped her to market SLE’s many music events, because in order to promote to a music related market, you need to know what you’re talking about. She’s constantly listening to new music to build up her repertoire and one of her most played albums this week is “The Human Condition” by Jon Bellion. Olivia is the one behind the contests for ticket giveaways and meet and greets with artists. One of her tips for marketing and promoting events is to ensure that you create an experience that fits your audience’s desires and needs. Forget the classic intern duties of making coffee for the office, Olivia would be more likely to research how to brand coffee than how to make it.

Meet Our Marketing Intern:








Olivia Drake
College: Belmont University
Major: Entertainment Industry Studies and Mass Communication Double Major
Fun Fact: Olivia enjoys making her own music.