At Steve LeVine Entertainment & Public Relations (SLE), the public relations team plays a crucial role in company branding and shaping the image and influence of our clients. Now, forget everything you think you know about public relations interns. We are not “Andy” from Devil Wears Prada, and we are certainly not Samantha Jones from Sex and the City either. We love our job and enjoy having a good time at work, but it’s not all fun and games. Being a part of the public relations team allows us to attend sophisticated events but it takes a lot of hard work.

 Everyone has heard horror stories of interns who do nothing other than go on coffee runs for the entire office, but thankfully this is not one of those cases. At SLE we’ve had the opportunity to experience a hands-on approach to the different dimensions of the public relations field.  We write press releases and social media posts for artists like The Chainsmokers, but we also get to attend and work these events. We create fun and engaging contests as well as help with promotions to get people excited about events and shows, such as Snapchat takeovers from artists like Saint Clair and Sultan & Shepard. We are the brains behind the witty content and funny memes on all of our social media accounts and the articles you read in your favorite magazines and blogs. While we’re learning the tricks of the trade, we’re also learning the basic rule of thumb in public relations, timeliness. Deadlines are the real deal, and being late is simply not acceptable.

All in all, being a public relations intern at SLE has been an amazing experience. We might not be Olivia Pope, and we may be sticklers for grammar and timeliness, but we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. We love what we do and have so much more to learn before our days at SLE are through. Overall, we’re just glad that everyone makes their own coffee.

Meet the Team



Christie Smith

College: Arizona State University

Major: Communications with a minor in Marketing

Fun Fact: Christie loves speaking in accents.





Corinne Briggs

College: Grand Valley State University

Major: Public Relations

Fun Fact: Corinne loves hiking and Boba Tea.





Madison Kaiden

College: University of Arizona

Major: Esociety and Creative Writing

Fun Fact: Madison has to have dessert to get her through the day.




Andrea Ruiz

College: Boston University

Major: Communications with a concentration on Public Relations

Fun Fact: Andrea wants to launch a cooking blog.