By Corinne Briggs

Events are a huge part of what we do here at Steve LeVine Entertainment & Public Relations (SLE) and the events department is responsible for planning and executing many different types of events. From music festivals to mansion parties, they bring the party anywhere they go.

The events department is equipped with extremely creative thinkers and out-of-the-box innovators. This group of people knows what they need to do to make every event they plan an over the top party that won’t be forgotten. The interns in the department bring in a variety of different experiences and a passion for event planning. This summer’s interns aspire to plan the Super Bowl, Vanity Fair’s Oscars After Party,  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Coachella.

Interns help the events department throughout the entire planning process, from putting  together an event proposal to helping make sure things go smoothly on site. A typical day as an event intern includes  researching potential vendors, ordering materials and brainstorming decor options. When the day of the event comes, there is no “typical” schedule but an intern’s responsibilities usually consist of setting up the venue, ticketing/registration, managing the event and tear down.

Overall, event planning is a huge part of what we do at SLE and our team is the best of the best. We have had some pretty awesome events clients this summer including Red Bull, Mark-Taylor and W Scottsdale. The Red Bull Kiwi Mansion part was one of the craziest and longest days for the events staff and interns. Most interns arrived early the morning of the event to start setting up and decorating the venue. They showed vendors where to set up and helped them unload. Throughout the event, interns and staff were responsible for managing everything and making sure everything was in place and looked good. After the event ended around 11 p.m. the staff had to clean up the venue and tear down decor. With sunburns and sore legs, the team closed out the night knowing that they had planned a successful event that everyone would be talking about.

If the SLE interns could give advice on what to expect for future interns, the biggest thing they would tell you is to ask questions. Also, making yourself available will ensure that you will be involved in more and will gain the most out of your internship. So be involved, be prepared and plan your butt off!