We all know that when it comes to event planning, anything and everything goes. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a concert, bar/bat mitzvah, carnival or corporate picnic, volatile situations often arise and somehow go from zero to 100 real quick. Somehow, event coordinators always seem to pull through and finish with a flawless event. These are eleven scenarios that most event planners can relate to.

1)    Your planner is your Mantra.

Having a planner with your contact list, event dates, and all your life details is the best way to keep everything organized.


2)    You can’t live without your phone.

It’s an absolute necessity. Plus, it’s always ringing.


3)    You’re an expert at multitasking.

No, seriously. This is a graphic description of your life.


4)  Everything needs to be perfect.

From vendors to food to venues, everything has to be on point.


5) Contracts are everything.

Reading the fine print is the difference between a flawless event and one without a DJ.


6)Your client decides to make changes one day before the event.

Are you kidding?


7) You’re slightly panicking because the event date has finally come.

You get to the venue unusually early because the anxiety is real.


8) Watching guests have fun is like watching a movie.

It’s just so entertaining.


9)  When the event is over, you still have to clean up.

Time goes by unbearably slow.


10) Getting home and toasting to the fact that the event was everything you hoped it would be.

Yes, you made it in one piece.

11) Your client tells you  they loved the event and you get that beautiful feeling of pride and accomplishment.

Thank you, I win at life.


In all seriousness, event planning can be extremely stressful, but you love your job, and you wouldn’t trade it for the world. While some people see the results of their work in numbers, you are fortunate enough to see the entirety of your work become one amazing event that makes people happy. Regardless of the mishaps, the uncomfortable shoes, and the amount of coffee you drink to be a functioning human, this is what you love to do.