🎁🎉 ‘Twas a few days before Christmas, so on our behalf…

We went to find out what the holidays meant to our staff!

From baking with mom to opening gifts,

Here’s what the SLE staff put down on their lists… 🎉🎁

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

“Helping my mom make nut roll and ceregies (family dessert recipes).” ~ Jake Morgan

“A Christmas Story 24-hour-marathon.” ~ Andrew Cobb

“Egg nog.” ~ Alex Dziszuk

“Every Christmas Eve as a family we sit down after dinner and watch the movie Elf. I have seen the movie too many times, but I still enjoy quoting the movie with my family. I love when Will Ferrell is in the toy store and hears the manager say that Santa is coming to town. He screams, “Santa, I know him!” It gets me every time.” ~ Frederick “Ricky” Levitt

“Movies and Chinese food on Christmas with my Jewish family.” ~ Trevor Darling

“Midnight mass on Christmas Eve.” ~ Amanda Dziszuk

“When my mother makes her Famous Latkes (potato pancakes).” ~ Austin Feldman

“Eating pierogis is my favorite holiday tradition. They are a Czechoslovakian dish and eating them for Christmas Eve dinner has been a family tradition of mine for generations.” ~ Lexie Larcher

“Every year, following Turkey Day, I get that one day with my mom.  We wake up early, indulge on a power breakfast and prep for a long day of battling crowds at the local mall.  Yes, my favorite holiday tradition is shopping with my mom!” ~ Shaun Stanhibel

“Eating an Italian dinner with my family.” ~ Kevin Murphy


What gift do you hope to unwrap?

“Two golden retriever puppies.” ~ Hailey Tropsa

“A plane ticket to Denver for some snowboarding.” ~ Kevin Murphy

“A Google Home device would be sweet.” ~ David Klemow

“A chandelier to hang in my closet.” ~ Jamie Killin

“New camera lens.” ~ Andrew Cobb

“I think I’m more excited to see my son experience his first Christmas! He’s almost one and I can’t wait to see his face light up on Christmas morning.” ~ Brooke Benavides

“A new Dallas Cowboys jersey.” ~ Parker Cohen

“A pair of silver Jasper Tassel Loeffler Randall Oxfords. Ah…I get excited just thinking about them.” ~ Lexie Larcher

“Fresh Nikes.” ~ Alex Dziszuk

“New clothes I can wear to work and a gym membership near my work.” ~ Frederick “Ricky” Levitt

sle-holiday-party-2 SLE-holiday-party-2016

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2017?

 “To eat healthier and make new friends on the West Coast.” ~ Jake Morgan

“Make more music!” https://soundcloud.com/austin-feldman-music ~ Austin Feldman

“Work out four days a week at the gym and give up noodles.” ~ Amanda Dziszuk

“Live every day in 2017 like it’s my last.” ~ Parker Cohen

“Be healthier, budget myself better, and make sure I turn the faucet off when I brush my teeth.” ~ David Klemow

“Family is a big focus for me in 2017. As life gets crazy, I want to focus on keeping us active, healthy and spending quality time together. It goes by fast and I don’t want to miss any of the good stuff.” ~ Brooke Benavides

“Travel to Thailand.” ~ Hailey Tropsa


🎁🎉 So there you have it, from our SLE crew,

All the things that we wish for; all the things we like to do.


While unwrapping gifts is certainly fun,

Making memories with family is our number one!

From all of us here we hope your holidays shine bright,

Merry Everything to all, and to all a good night.

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Happiest New Year! 🎉🎁