Today is the one day on the calendar that is dedicated to celebrating and spoiling the women whose lives once revolved around spoiling us: our mothers. Our mom is the person who filled our childhoods with warm memories, lifesaving advice and infinite love. In honor of Mother’s Day, the SLE Fam is sharing some of the many ways our moms have helped shape our lives. Join the conversation and tell us why you love your mom in the comments.

“Much love for both my parents. My mother has always been very supportive of me no matter what I choose to do. Definitely helps push me along to achieve more and more. I think the best thing I learned from her was that life goes on no matter what. Best childhood memory would be when she used to take me to get Jamba Juice smoothies as a little kid.” – Garrett, Talent Intern

“I love my mom because even though sometimes I am not the best son in the word she still loves and me and supports my decisions.” –Ricky, Sponsorship Coordinator

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“The best thing I learned from my mom is that even when odds are against you, you can accomplish anything as long as you work hard for it.” –Ambrosia, Social Media Intern

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My mom is my best friend, my greatest supporter and one of the kindest and strongest people I know. I don’t know where I would be without her unconditional love and support. She’s an amazing role model and I feel so lucky to have someone like her to look up to. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” – Jacqueline, Public Relations Coordinator


“I admire my mom so much. She works so hard every day to make sure that our family can have a good life. She puts everyone else’s needs above her own and shines a positive light on everyone she meets. She is the person I aspire to be and I hope one day I can be half the mother she is.” –Taylor, Events Intern

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“I love my mom because she is always there for me. The best thing I took away from my parents is hard work and love for family. The funniest thing I learned from my mom is how to put on a pillow case correctly. My best memory of my mom is she and my dad dancing together and being such marriage goals for me in the future.” –Alex, Warehouse Operator


“I love my mom because she never stops pushing me to be the best I can be. She has always taught me to be humble and never give up.” –Katelyn, Social Media Coordinator

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“There are many reasons why I love my mum, so picking one is tough. If I had to pick one, it would be exactly that–her toughness. My mother has been terminally ill for over a decade. Even still, she has found a way to maintain a heightened sense of happiness, always seeing the best in life, and has never let any of the adversity with her health affect her. Doctors often remark upon her ability to still keep fighting, and show no signs of ever weakening in her battle. It’s just taught me to never falter under pressure, and to never give up, and to never stop loving–if she doesn’t, how can I? I try to apply her tenacity and selfless love to everything I do, in hopes I can be half the person she is!” –Roshan, Events Intern


“My mom is super compassionate and really funny, which why I am so funny – LOL. She has taught me how to be a mom and I rely on her for advice. I have adopted my family traditions for my own family because of my mom. My mom has always made holidays, birthdays, and achievements a big deal in our family.”– Jamie LeVine, Chief Communications Officer

“I love my mom because she’s thoughtful and puts others before herself. The best thing she ever taught me is that bean and cheese burritos are the best burritos. Best memory is that she would always take me and my friends to emo concerts when we were in middle school.”– Cassidy Brazeel, Events Coordinator

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“My mom taught me how to embrace creativity, be an athlete, an artist and a cook, but also to never take crap from anybody…she also taught me to let loose and party!”– Jake Morgan, Graphic Designer

“One reason why I love my mom: she always makes me feel better, even when I’ve messed up – she always lets me know it’s not the end of the world and to keep moving forward.”– Katie Roberts, Assistant to the Director of Talent and Entertainment


“My mother is the most selfless person I know. She is always looking to do things to help others and treats everyone with respect no matter what. The most beneficial thing she has ever taught me is to always treat others how you would like to be treated because you never know what is going on in somebody’s life”– Matt Howard, Marketing Intern

To everyone reading, be sure to make mom feel extra special today. It’s the one day of the year that really should be all about her (you get the rest of the days on the calendar). Cheers!