By: Madison Kaiden

Social Media has become a HUGE outlet for advertising, branding, and creating your ideal online image, and Instagram and Twitter have quickly become some of the most used and effective social media platforms for marketing and social communication. It’s hard to find someone who isn’t on at least one of these social networking sites! Since there are so many profiles, it can be hard to gain followers and make your page stand out among the rest. Luckily I have the solution to these problems. Whether it be for a personal profile or a professional one, these tips and tricks are sure to get you noticed on both Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram Tips:

1.Create a theme
Having a “theme” is the easiest way to stop your Instagram from looking messy. What is a theme you may ask? A theme is the consistency of color, lighting, borders, and shape between all of your Instagram postings. You could have a theme where all the images are bright and bubbly, a theme where each image is black and white, or a theme where each photo has a similar edit or shape. Sticking with one edit will help make your theme noticeable. This is best tip for making your profile the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye as possible!
2. Tag celebrities, locations, and friends
Instagram gives you an option to set the location of where your picture was taken and to tag friends in an image you post. This forces more pairs of eyes to take a look at your image. Tagging sends others a notification, and ignoring a notification is nearly impossible for anyone who loves using social media! If you tag a celebrity in an image, all of their fans will be able to to check it out and that means more likes for you! Of course, for this trick to work properly you must keep your profile on public.
3. Comment on people’s Instagram photos
Want more followers and more likes? Be a good “creeper”! Simply use the search bar to type in hashtags and keywords to find profiles similar to yours. For example, if you have a food based Instagram you may want to search keywords like “#food,” “#foodblogger” or “#restaurants”. Once you find some other profiles that you like, don’t be afraid to comment compliments, thoughts, or opinions on their photos. This will bring more followers to you as well as build relationships between people who share common interests! Just make sure to keep them all positive and kind. Making Instagram friends can be fun!

Twitter Tricks:

1.Don’t be afraid to quote tweet!
Stand out when retweeting a tweet by “quote tweeting.” Many people read through others’ opinions and responses to their own content. It’s difficult not to! Get your favorite Twitter user’s attention by directly replying to their tweets, by using the quote tweet option!
2. Follow, follow, and follow!
If you want to build a larger amount of followers, you will want to start by following others yourself. Find some of your favorite celebrities, groups, and friends to follow by using the search tool. You can and should look for those with similar interests to you as well. Be bold, and make your own online friends to get that volume of followers that you desire. Of course you don’t have to go overboard and follow thousands of people, but follow enough to keep your timeline moving at any hour of the day.
3. Set that perfect Twit Icon and Header Photo
Having a good set of photos on your Twitter page can make or break you. Make sure to keep these photos, as well as the ones you tweet, clean and respectable. To have others retweet you, you must keep your profile on public, which means anyone can access it and see the photos you post! Always be aware of how you are presenting yourself. Make sure your profile photos represent who you are and that they leave a lasting and positive impression on anyone who views them.