By: Hunter Smith

The Phoenix metropolitan area thrives in the tourism industry with about 10 million visitors from the U.S. and Canada per year. Beautiful weather aside, the area’s growing businesses and energetic nightlife, which includes bars, nightclubs and other party venues are seen as major attractions for tourists. With the rise of mainstream electronic dance music across America, the Valley has become a main stage for the vastly popular genre that merges several types of music, appealing to a large majority of people.

The nightlife scene provides a platform for aspiring artists and DJs to promote themselves and get heard. It also acts as a playground for both local and out-of-town music junkies where they can see their favorite DJs live in a vibrant environment.


Numerous venues in the Valley have been booking both local and big-name DJs to perform. Some of these locations include Māyā Day + Nightclub, El Hefe, The Mint, Hi Fi and Livewire, to name a few. Artists such as David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, and Calvin Harris have traveled to the Valley to perform. The EDM trend has drawn a lot of attention to the nightlife businesses in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, as well as the culture of electronic dance music.

EDM has surpassed Hip-Hop and Rap as the desired genre in nightlife venues and is on track to become an Arizona trademark. It is taking the Valley by storm and won’t be hindering anytime soon. For more information on this trend, and to read our CEO, Steve LeVine’s thoughts, check out this article by the College Times.