By: Heidi Malano

Purely Sedona artesian spring water is known for it’s delicate taste with key minerals, naturally occurring electrolytes, and a natural pH balance of 8, but now it’s being recognized for it’s beautifully designed bottle, too.

On November 9, at the FoodBev Media World Beverage Innovation Awards in Nuremburg, Germany, Purely Sedona was awarded Best Packaged Water. This comes as a wonderful compliment for both Purely Sedona and ScorCreative, the design studio behind the award-winning bottle.

“We are extremely excited to receive this award,” said Cady Gokey, president of Purely Sedona. “We spent countless hours designing and perfecting our signature packaging and to be acknowledged alongside some of the largest companies in the beverage industry is truly an honor.”

World Beverage

The vision that went into the bottle design was inspired by the mystical healing elements that create Purely Sedona. Derived from a tranquil spring at the base of Oak Creek Canyon, Purely Sedona is believed to have rejuvenating properties since it’s been created by centuries of rain and snowfall in the energetic haven known as Sedona. It was because of these spiritual attributes that ScorCreative designed a medicinal style bottle in both glass and lightweight polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

“We wanted a package that looked like glass and had the same performance,” said Gokey. “PET bottles are a necessary option in certain venues like tourist events, pools, schools, hotels, and restaurants, thus allowing the brand to be more accessible.”

From hydrating and healing to now being recognized as aesthetically pleasing, Purely Sedona gives consumers the total package.