If you aren’t a morning person, waking up early for work probably isn’t your favorite part of the day. It’s easy to let exhaustion weigh you down as you amble through your morning rituals and commute to your job, however, early mornings don’t have to be a drag. With proper planning and dedication, you can completely transform your morning routine and, better yet, craft a new and improved version of yourself who no longer dreads the screech of a 6 a.m. alarm.

  1. Keep your alarm clock away from your bed

A word to the wise: If your alarm clock is within reach, you’re probably going to hit the snooze button (at least once). By keeping your alarm clock far from your bed, you force yourself to actually get out of bed to silence your alarm, and therefore, significantly decrease your chances of hitting the infamous snooze button. The benefits? Waking up earlier will allow you more time to go about your morning routine and thus, decrease your stress level and allow you more time for yourself before heading into the office.

2.  Wash your face first thing in the morning 

Nothing says “time to wake up” like a cool splash of water to the face. Not only is washing your face refreshing and important for maintaining healthy habits, but it’s also a great way to help yourself get moving on an early morning. Who doesn’t want to greet the day feeling fresh and rejuvenated?

3. Set Daily Goals

Setting goals and objectives is crucial for maintaining motivation and focus in not only your career, but your personal life as well. Picture where you want to see yourself in not only five years, but five months, five days and even five minutes. Goals don’t always have to be something on a grandiose scale like a career upgrade or the purchase of a new home. While these goals are important and help motivate you to reach high, it’s important to set small, daily goals to help enrich your everyday life in the here and now. For example, this morning, I aspire to do something kind for a co-worker or friend; this afternoon, I will finish preparing the presentation I need to give on Friday; tonight, I will make it to Yoga with my favorite instructor. All goals are important and make a difference in how we greet each and every day.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s #TipTuesday! Check back next week for another round of quick tips.