Calling all job seekers! Are you looking for ways to stand out in the career marketplace? With an ever increasing number of applicants looking to enter the workforce, finding inventive ways to optimize your resume is more important now than ever. Check out these quick tricks to help you not only increase your resume’s readability, but help you differentiate your resume from the others piled on an HR manager’s desk.

Begin with a brief but powerful personal summary.


This is your sales pitch. The product you’re selling is you. Get potential employers interested by beginning with a short, snappy introduction that highlights your experience and passions. Write a personal summary that inspires potential employers to read the rest of your resume. What makes you different from all of the other applicants represented by stacks of paper piled on a desk? The personal summary provides you a platform to articulate just that.

Highlight your best qualities

Shine a spotlight on your strongest talents by placing them at the top of your resume. When a potential employer looks at your resume, you want your best qualities and qualifications to be the first thing that catches their eye. Most employers decide within six seconds whether they want to read your resume. Draw them in by highlighting your best skills right up front. When it comes to resumes, don’t save the best for last.

Pick the right font.

It’s important to select a font that’s easily read by both humans and robots alike, as in the modern workplace, most HR directors rely on computers to help them weed through applications and pull out the most eligible applicants. Chances are, employers aren’t going to take the time to decipher your fancy font choice if it isn’t easy on the eyes. Although they may seem basic, Arial, Calibri, Cambria and related Sans Serif fonts are strong choices for resume fonts as they are simplistic, clear and clean.

Quantify your achievements

Use numbers to quantify your achievements whenever you can. By using numbers, you’re lending credibility to your resume by providing measurable evidence of your workplace successes.


Use the right key words.


Thanks to modern technology, recruiters scan resumes in search of keywords. It’s important to make sure those keywords make it onto your resume. List all skills that are vital to performing the duties involved in the position you are applying for.  Remember that robots are scanning resumes for exactly this — keywords. Thus, including them on your resume is now a necessity.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s #TipTuesday! Check back next week for another round of quick tips.