Are you tired of working in a sterile office environment that lacks color and personality? Don’t worry — the SLE team has you covered. By taking a few simple steps, you can liven up your boring workspace to help improve productivity, foster creativity and brighten your mood. Here are five quick tricks.

  1. Add Color


A pop of color goes a long way in brightening up a bland workspace. Warm colors act as mood enhancers and add personality to a simple office. Set up brightly colored desk accessories to personalize your workspace and make it your own. You probably spend as much time in your office as you do in your bedroom, so why not put your personal stamp on your workspace the same way you would your home?

2. Surround Yourself with Motivational Items


If you’re stuck in a rut at the office, it’s helpful to have motivational items present in your workspace. Hang inspirational quotes on the walls around you, display photos of friends and family or find a painting or piece of art that you find relaxing. It can also be helpful to remind yourself of your accomplishments. Display your awards, diplomas and trophies to serve as reminders of all the goals you’ve reached.

3. Embrace Greenery

Desk with Plants

Sitting in an office all day might leave you yearning for a walk outside. While you can’t bring your office into the outdoors, you can bring a small piece of the outdoors into your office. Include a touch of greenery to liven up your desk and improve your mood. Adding plants to your workspace has been said to increase productivity and improve air quality. Make your office your own by picking a type of plant that coincides with your personality. If you’re a fan of desert landscapes, a small potted cacti might be just what you need. If you love flowers, pick your favorite kind and arrange them in a bouquet on your work area. The possibilities are endless!

4. Add Comforts of Home


Bring a piece of home to your office by adding a cozy blanket or pillow to your desk chair. You’re probably sitting in your chair for close to eight hours per day — why not make yourself comfortable? If you don’t want to bring a blanket to work, try replacing your chair with one that’s more comfortable and suits your personal taste. You’re more likely to be productive if you’re comfortable!


5. Stay Organized


It’s easy to become stressed when your workspace is surrounded with clutter. Even a simple stack of disorderely papers can contribute to workplace anxiety and decrease productivity. Employ simple organizational solutions like file folders, pen holders and other creative storage options to allow you to neatly store your items. Plus, these storage items can add charm to your desk and turn clutter into character in one easy step.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s #TipTuesday! Check back next week for another round of quick tips.