If you aren’t enjoying your career, then it’s time to make a change–and that doesn’t necessarily mean a career change. There are several changes you can make in your daily activities to help you enjoy yourself at work.

Build Relationships with Co-workers 


Getting to know the people around you is a great way to maintain a positive work environment. While building bonds in the office, you are creating a consistent support system. You and your coworkers all share similar challenges in the office, and it can be relieving to discuss your daily stresses with people who understand where you’re coming from.

Being familiar with those around you contributes to a more comfortable environment, which translates positively into your work. People are much more productive when working under friendly conditions, as they tend to be more relaxed. Most importantly, having friends in the office means having people to confide in, commiserate with and to celebrate with. This transforms your office into a team setting, and knowing that there are people to chat when you need them, can actually make work something to look forward to.

Personalize Your Workspace


A bland, sterilized workspace feeds into the stereotype of a drab office job, and will not stimulate thought or creativity. Adding a personal touch to your workspace can instantly make your desk feel more like home. With the addition of photos or trinkets that match your personal style, you are creating a warmer atmosphere for yourself. Even the addition of a single picture can make you feel more comfortable at your desk. It may seem like a small gesture, but the personalization brings a slice of home to the office, and all of the positive feelings that come with it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Break


It is okay to step out of the office every so often for a break. In fact, it is necessary. Just a few minutes of fresh air does wonders for an overworked mind. Think of it this way: if runners never stopped for a drink of water, their exhaustion would not only make the activity less enjoyable, but it would greatly inhibit their performance. You need a mental break to recooperate and relieve some of the stress building up inside of you. Just a few minutes a day can make a world of a difference.

Keep a Healthy Attitude

Retro instagram style image of a male hand writing Stay positive on blue post it paper pinned on cork bulletin board.

When something goes wrong or doesn’t happen the way we intented, we have a tendency to be hard on ourselves. But if we are our biggest critics, why can’t we be our biggest supporters as well? Give yourself credit for your accomplishments, and take pride in them. Every time you complete a difficult task or accomplish a goal, make sure you acknowledge it and give yourself some well-deserved praise. Acknowledging your successes rather than dwelling on failures will keep you healthy and happy while you work.

That’s it for this week’s #TipTuesday! Check back next week for another round of quick tips.