In honor of Scottsdale Fashion Week, we’re dishing out fashion tips! With every turn of a calendar page comes the emergence of a new style. The year is just beginning, and already so many new designs have been born. While some are tailored for nightlife and others are created for casual outings, each trend is relevant for anyone. Check out some of the latest in the fashion world here.
1. Metal Chokers 
The choker has become an important accessory this year, and the trend is only expanding. Chokers are a great way to spice up any outfit whether you’re going for a simple, edgy, or even fancy look. The accessory has many different variations, a standout among them being metal chokers. These can add a ritzy flair to a formerly plain ensemble, and are best worn on nights out. They pair well with solid clothing such as a simple black dress or a white pantsuit. They also nicely compliment staple pieces such as watches and bracelets. For a classy but exciting additive to your clothing, a lustrous choker is the way to go.
2. The Half Up Top-Knot 
Girls with hair any length can take part in this fun style! The half-up top knot takes few steps and is perfect for when you’re pressed for time or need to get your hair out of your face without compromising style. This hairdo is effortlessly chic, and many celebrities have taken it to the streets. In order to achieve this look, follow these steps:
1. Equally separate the top of your hair from the bottom, and secure the top in a high ponytail.
2. Lightly tease the hair coming out of the ponytail. This will give the top knot a thicker and more voluminous look.
3. Twist the tail around the base of the hair tie, keeping it compacted and close to the head.
4. Once twisted, secure the knot to the top of your head with as many bobby pins as needed (Some hair may require more than others).
5. Once secure, you can adjust it as desired.
6. Brush out the bottom layer and style accordingly. The top knot compliments all types of hair; straight, curly, crimped, etc.
3.  Ombré lips 
Hair isn’t the only thing that can sport an ombré! Ombré lips are the gorgeous blending of two different lipstick colors to achieve a full, dimensional look. While done drastically on the runway, there is a subtle way to apply this exciting look with just a few steps.
You will need one dark lipstick of your choice, and a dark lip liner. Be sure that the liner is darker than the selected lipstick. You will also need a light, shimmery lipstick and a dainty lip brush for blending.
1. Apply the dark lipstick as you normally would, covering the entire lips.
2. Apply the lip liner to the outside of your top and bottom lips. Pay close attention to the corners of your mouth, and apply liner generously.
3. Blend the two by taking your brush and lightly stroking the liner inwards.
4. Take the lightest lipstick and apply it in the center of your upper and lower lip. Make circular motions with each stroke as you apply, and there you have it.
That’s it for this week’s Tip Tuesday! We hope you enjoyed these fun fashion tips. See more stunning fashion looks on the runway at Scottsdale Fashion Week. Get tickets now: