Welcome back to #WhatsUpWednesday, your weekly recap of the latest pop culture, movie and music buzz. Check in every Wednesday for a weekly dose of entertainment news. This past week was all about sports, announcements, and heavy hype over the upcoming pool season in Vegas and Scottsdale.

2017 NBA All-Star Game

This past weekend proved that the excitement surrounding the 2017 NBA All-Star game was well worth it. The game pulled in 7.8 million viewers, which made it the most viewed All-Star game since 2013. Viewers were eager to see former teammates Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook play amongst each other once again. The bad blood that had been rumored to brew between the pair of superstars after Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors, seemed to be nonexistent at times. The former teammates even connected on a picture-perfect alley-oop.

Westbrook came away possibly winning back a friend, although the major prize of the evening was swooped by Anthony Davis. Russel Westbrook could have made All-Star game history if he would have won All-Star MVP for the third year in a row, however The Brow ended the night with all the glory by being awarded the All-Star MVP from scoring a record breaking 52 points. Anthony Davis was a large contributor to the Western Conference winning the game, coming down to a high-octane final score of 182 – 172.


Jawbreaker Reboot

“First we are gonna stuff her pretty face with pancakes, then tie her to the flagpole in her bra and panties and watch the humiliation begin.”

If you’re a fan of 90’s classic cult movies; E! Entertainment Television Network has a devilish treat in store for you. The reboot of the 90’s classic, “Jawbreaker” is in the works. The original film is a dark comedy that is a mixture of the high school hierarchy found in “Mean Girls” and the dirty, cynical secrets found in “Pretty Little Liars”.  Before Regina George, there was Courtney and before the mysterious death of Ali, there was the mysterious death of Liz. The film is an addictive classic that will make for a great show reboot that will draw in audiences of all ages. 80’s & 90’s babies will appreciate that the original co-writer/director of the film, Darren Stein, is returning to the new project and 00’s babies will fall for the dark and hooking plot about friends who accidently kill their friend during a bachelorette party.

Take a look at the original movie trailer below.

Pool Season at Māyā

Sunshine, bikinis, booze and slick beats make every party better and as the temperature rises, announcements for pool party season are going to start dropping left and right.  Māyā’Day + Nightclub recently announced their opening weekend pool season details. Pool season in Scottsdale kicks off March 5th with a soft launch pool party featuring none other than Baauer! Keep tuned to our blog and social media pages this summer for announcements each week. Grab tickets to Baauer here.


Chainsmokers New Music Video

Shortly following the announcement of a new world tour, Grammy Award-winning duo, The Chainsmokers released a new music video for their smash hit,“Paris.” The video features the beautiful Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt. The new video brings a sense of whimsy with a floating house and Martha drifting in the air.

Catch the video here:

Honorable Mentions:

Donald Glover is on top: Current front-runner for America’s newest sweetheart, Donald Glover, is shaping up to have a huge 2017. Following the sweeping success of his FX series Atlanta, Glover already has already made headlines this year by joining the Star Wars franchise. What’s more, Glover has also teased that he is slated to appear in the brand new Spiderman reboot scheduled for this summer. Details as of yet are few and far between, but with Glover booking a mysterious new part in the comic film space, it’s safe to say he’s going to be in the spotlight all year long.

Jay Z makes history: This week, rap mogul Jay Z made history by being the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Jay Z, lesser known as Shawn Carter, has built his brand up well past the confines of the music industry over an illustrious, decorated 20+ year career. He’s a venerated force in the entertainment industry, and now he will go down in the record books, yet again, becoming the first rapper to achieve such a success.

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